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What is true and what is made up?

This is written under the perquisite that clones are as real and human as all other humans. They also grow and age as slowly as people which are not clones.

Except for the cloned person, myself and my dad three real individuals are found in the text:

  • Daniel Radcliffe was born in 1989. It was he who acted Harry Potter. He has some physical traits in common with the cloned person. There are also similarities in the situation of life between Daniel and the clone. I consequentially count on that he would feel sympathy with him.
  • Jean-Christophe Bonaparte was born in 1986. He is a fifth generation, male line only descendant of a younger brother to the cloned person. It would probably be clear to him that the clone has a different accent. Consequentially, I think he would treat him as a unique individual.
  • Ian Holm was born in 1931. He is the living person who bears the closest physical resemblance to the cloned person. (However, it is easy to tell the difference is you know what to look for.) Ian really acted the cloned person in a TV series in 1974. He is mentioned only because it is he who the clothes the clone poses in originally were made for.

All other people are fictitious. I know that what I have written is not of such a good quality. But I was in such a hurry writing them that I did not have time to do it better. There were two fictions statements about the clone which I did not have time write down. I imagined him as an agnostic with a very good memory. Both characteristics he has in common with the cloned person.

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