A few definitions for the blog

This is a few words and expressions which are either unusual or tend to be misunderstood.  The later mostly applies to people overestimating their own normality.  If they were as normal as they claim, I don’t think society would work.  But of cause, they have their own misconceptions about how society works.


When something is thought to just happen without anyone trying to explain how.


Having two or more sides getting something but not all.


Someone who self-identifies as adhering to Christianity.  This has nothing to do with being a good person or exactly what the person believes in.

Hate speech

Talking about groups of people as if all members were evil.


Telling what the speaker or writher him- or herself thinks is the truth.

Human nature

The statistical pattern of inborn human mental characteristics.

More will be added when I feel the need for it.

This page was last changed on the 15th of April 2024.


Believing oneself to have a special position in society.  This despite having an ordinary job which is not even particularly well-paid.


Complaints about someone or some people doing something specifically wrong.

Thinking for oneself

To follow one’s own thought patterns instead of copying the standpoints of others.  This inevitably leads to people drawing different conclusions due to different thought patterns.


Changes in the commonness of certain genes over many generations.


To habitually leave others alone.

Statistical outlier

Someone who is outside what is statistically normal for the group.

Double standards

Allowing one’ own group things which one forbids another group.


Conscious reflection on what should be considered morally correct.