A few words about me

I am a heterosexual woman living in Sweden.  This is stated to prevent people from assuming me to be much more similar to them than there is reason to think.  Also, I can’t accept a whole package of ideas.  Especially if the person imagining the package fails to realise how contradictory the included ideas are.

Before someone accuses me of lying I have to ask a question.  Why would it not be humanly possible to genuinely be of a different opinion?  When I was seven years old I already knew that people have different opinions.  I can’t recall it ever occurring to me that certain specific opinions would always be lies.  But my memories from before the age of seven are rather fragmentary.

People can have the most absurd ideas about things outside their own experience.  Or if their overestimate the value of the experience they have.  I have heard of people denying things I have personally experienced.  That just makes me wonder how much experience they actually have of such things.

So do I get any pay for writing this?  I would not say so.  I get 7 Swedish crowns an hour just for being where I am writing.  Then I get 12.796 crowns in welfare benefits each month.  That I can live a comfortably on this is because I live cheaply.  The only bad thing is I have to live in a house which leaks heat like a sieve.  I spend six to seven months a year struggling to keep warm.

Politically I always vote fore the Greens.  This is not due to any silly romantic view of nature.  To me it is instead a matter of survival of civilisation.  Without sufficient effort to solve environmental problems thousands of millions of people will die.  This should not have to happen during my lifetime.

Finally, I want to tell that I am a non-believer.  This means I don’t worship anything.  However, I am fine with other believing and worshiping as long as it is their individual choice.

This page was last changed on the 15th of April 2024.