Who was Franceschi Cipriani?

Franceschi Cipriani was a Corsican. I don’t know much of him, but I will tell what I know. His original name was Cipriani Franceschi. I don’t know which year he was born. However, I know that he was a childhood friend of Napoleone Buonaparte. As such he was probably born between 1766 and 1772. As an adult he was an agent and later a ship-owner. I know that he married and got a child but not what gender it had. In 1814 he got to Napoleone who employed him as a butler. In practice it meant being the boss of the other servants. Afterwards he always followed Napoleone. When they arrived to Saint Helena the following year Cipriani changed place between his personal and family names. This was in order to avoid reminding the Britons about his time as agent. There he died from sub-lethal arsenic poisoning on the 18th of February 1818. This is about everything I know about him.

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