May I use a certain file in my schoolwork?

Pictures are fine as illustrations if you don’t claim to have made them yourself.  You are not allowed either to state another motif than I have written that the image has.  To use my texts is not recommended.  Above all you are not allowed to copy word-by-word without telling it is me who has written it.  My texts should rather not be used as sources either.  Then it is better to go to the sources I have used instead.  If you wonder about the source of a certain statement it is just to ask about it.
Texts under History and Palaeontology may be used in its entirety in order to teach others.  This means you don’t remove anything and don’t add anything.  In contrast you may point out if there is any error.  It is then nice if you tell me too.  If you have good arguments and sources I can change that in the next version.  Naturally you have to tell them.  Just telling that I am wrong simply does not work.

This page was last changed on the 17th July 2023.