There are a number of people in the text which are mentioned with their given names only. Which name refers to who?

These people are presented once with their full names. Afterwards they are referred to with one of their given names only. In one case I have used a nickname. This holds true for all people mentioned with name more than once:

• Abram always refers to Jean Abram Noverraz.
• Ali always refers to Étienne "Ali" Saint-Dennis.
• Archibald always refers to Archibald Arnott.
• Barry always refers to Barry Edward O’Meara.
• Charles always refers to Charles Tristan de Montholon.
• Francesco always refers to Francesco Antommarchi.
• Henri always refers to Henri Gratien Bertrand.
• Hudson always refers to Hudson Lowe.
• Gaspard always refers to Gaspard Gourgaud.
• Jean always refers to Jean Baptiste Pierron.
• John always refers to John Stokoe.
• Louis always refers to Louis Joseph Marchand.
Napoléon naturally always refers to Napoléon I Bonaparte. Other people mentioned in the texts are only mentioned by name once. I have then used their full names except in one case. It is Louis Philippe de Capet who is only called Louis Philippe. It was most practical this way.

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